Upgrading using apt-get discouraged?

I noticed the issue before, so I was extremely cautious this time: I started with the official image of Pi MusicBox 0.5.3 and created images of the SD card each time I made a change in the configuration.

Everything goes well until I upgrade the packages of the system using apt-get update & apt-get upgrade and a final reboot!

After that all activity in the web client (e.g. starting a stream or playing a single MP3 file) ends up in the infamous “Trying to reach MusicBox. Please wait…” pop up window.

The “mopidy” process takes all of the CPU at that time. That takes some time and then the UI looks okay again, but none of the actions I took were executed.

I remember that 64 packages were available for upgrade. I upgraded all of them. Let me know, if you need to see the complete list and I can get it from /var/log/apt/term.log.

Additionally, there was one package that required apt-get dist-upgrade: “fake-hwclock” - I did not install this one at first. But after the failure I was assuming, it might be missing and the installation of this package might be required, but this did not help either.

For system security reasons, I would feel much more comfortable, if I could install the latest version of some packages…

Are there any known issues?
What is the recommendation for Pi MusicBox?



There were some big kernel changes between what we use in 0.5.3 and now. You should probably be starting from 0.5.4 if you want to use the very latest packages. And even then, it’s not something that we can really support properly.