Musicbox Pi network folder, pulling my hair out!

Hey folks, I have a Musicbox pi boombox and want to connect to a network folder, or rather a usb sick on a Netgear router set up as \readyshare\USB_Storage. I have used the latest build plus the 5.04 Alpha.

I have tried using just the ip address alone, , but no luck. I have used \readyshare\USB_Storage and also\readyshare\USB_Storage with no luck.

I have googled for hours and no luck finding a solution.

Can you please tell me where I am screwing up? Found this distro to be the best for my boombox needs and just want to get it to work.


Use slashes (instead of backslashes) and start with 2 slashes as the prefix of your network share address, e.g. //readyshare/USB_Storage.
This is Linux, not Windows! :wink: