Multiple Streams

Hi there! This is not about multi-room synchronous audio (got that covered with Snapcast!) but rather, about simultaneous streams of different audio (piped to different snapcast streams).

Someone did ask this before but that was five years ago, and I wanted to see if anything’s changed, or planned, and also to register interest.

The dream is: There’s one music library for the house, and several players but they’re not all playing the same music: Maybe I’m cooking and want the kitchen and dining room playing one thing, but my wife is upstairs and wants to hear something else.

I could set up multiple mopidys, but then I’d probably also need multiple Frontends (I’m liking Rompr right now). Some of these Frontends are stateful (esp. Rompr) so I’d worry about them stepping all over each other, corrupting data…

Has anyone else tried anything like this or have a solution?



Multiple instances of Mopidy is still the only way to achieve that. Most mpd clients support some kind of connection manager to handle multiple servers and shouldn’t be storing shared state (or any state at all). Web clients shouldn’t have this issue.

Hey, glad to see others with interest in this. Have you tried using Iris yet? It’s pretty simple to switch between servers (zones) using Iris. Wife approval factor on the interface has been high…and as we all know, that’s all that matters in the end.

Here’s a link to a thread I just started as well.

If you know how to setup multiple instances of Mopidy on one computer, please let me know!