Multi user music server over internet

I have been enjoying mopidy to manage a large MP3 library for some years now and using snapcast to listen to the files over the internet.
Sadly … or happily … my children are now at an age where they don’t want to listen to what their dear parents listen to. So my goal is to be able to consult the same MP3 folder using multiple users with different streams.
I have already managed to setup 2 mopidy instances on the same server, on different ip ports, that scan the same mp3 folder source. I must confess that it is clunky to setup and manage and not super reliable. As for Snapcast, if I play to streams at the same time, unsurprisingly I get the streams mixed up into a single stream.
I know that mopidy and snapcast are not designed for multistream broadcasting, so I was wondering if anyone has an alternative solution / evolution that can satisfy my families needs … before they disappear forever to spotify and YT?
Many thanks

How many instances of Snapserver are you running? Presumably you would need to run one per instance of Mopidy.

Logically, you are right.
I am running one snapserver. I have not found on the net a way to run multiple snapservers. I am running 2 Mopidy instances on the same Ubuntu machine.

this works well for me. I have two instances of mopidy service running on different ports as your describe, and one instance of snapserver which produces 2 (actually 3) streams. (the third is unrelated to mopidy but allows me to cast via dlna to snapcast).
The user can connect to either mopidy to cue up music separately from another user.

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