Multiple Music-Streams at once

Hi, is it possible to use Mopidy / Musicbox to play more than one stream at a time?
For example to play a spotify playlist together with a deezer playlist?
Or to play playlists from 2 different spotify accounts on one RaspberryPi?
I know it sounds crazy. I only want to know if it is technically possible :wink:
Iā€™m totally new to this (I await my first Raspberry the next days)

Mopidy only does one stream per instance of the program. So the way around it would be multiple instances on different ports. That is assuming the PI can keep up with that.

But if all you want is a mix of playlists from different users you should be able to add them as long as they are public.

As for deezer Iā€™m not aware of any extension to support that. But I might have missed it.