Multiple players on one PC

I have Mopify installed on an Arch VM. I’ve set up my sound card to be virtually split into multiple devices.

I’ve read some much older threads from 2016 on running multiple instances of Mopidy simultaneously with a lot of separating config files and the rest. Is that still the case?

I thought about running Snapcast that way, but then realized I wouldn’t necessarily be able to play different music in more than one zone.

So I feel like I have to trade off between synced music and multiple different streams? Not sure if I could run matrixed Mopidy/Snapcasts where they could be assigned on the fly differently?

I can only answer some of this. Presumably each of the multiple instances of Mopidy needs to be configured differently and in that case they do need to be configured differently somehow. Easiest way is a different config file and a different systemd unit for each, with the execstart pointing to the different config file to use. I think I’d try and do this by modifying the regular Mopidy unit file into a systemd template unit file but that’s not necessary.