Multiple Mopidy Instances/SoundCards | One Server

I’ve been researching this issue for a few days and am struggling to find centralized documentation on how to do this. I have read this thread, and this thread, which has been the most helpful thus far but haven’t found a straightforward, clear answer on how to achieve this.

Cliff notes version of what I’m looking for:

-I have a server running ProxMox
-I have an instance of Debian installed in a VM running on this server
-I want to run multiple instances of Mopidy on the Debian VM and tie each instance to a discrete USB soundcard
-Let’s assume that all the issues of getting the VM up and running and passing the USB soundcards through to the VM is not an issue as I’ve got all of that up and running and can list each card by typing “$ aplay -l” into the terminal

My questions are:

  1. How do I get multiple instances of the Mopidy client to run on this single Debian install?
  2. What .conf files or directories would need to be edited to create multiple Mopidy instances and tie them to separate, discrete USB sound cards?

More detailed version:

– The Basic Idea –
I’m trying to setup a multi-zone Mopidy install on a singular server. My plan is to control each zone by using Iris as the front-end from our phones. I’ll tie each Mopidy instance to each zone and go into the “Settings” menu of Iris to change servers (which will be named for their corresponding zones throughout the house) and control the audio stream to each zone from there.

There will be 7 separate zones (Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Garage, Basement, Outside…etc) that Id’ like to control individual streams to. My kids like music in their rooms, I want it in the garage or basement if I’m working. Bathroom for ambiance and so on. I’ve been able to get this to work with no issues with a combination of several VMs and raspberry pis with individual Mopidy installs before, but I because of an issue with the server handling audio streams between more than 2 VM’s have to rethink the setup.

– The Hardware –
I have a server that will be running a basic Debian installation. That server has 7 USB sound cards connected. Each soundcard has been passed through to the VM and is up and running in the Debian installation (they can all be seen by typing “aplay -l” in the terminal).

Each USB soundcard will feed a 12-channel amplifier that’s mounted in the server rack by the server itself with speaker cable runs to in-wall and in-ceiling speakers throughout the house and outdoor speakers on the back patio.

– The Problem –
I can install one instance of Mopidy, control it via Iris and sync it with Spotify, but I can’t sort out how to get other instances of Mopidy to work on the same Debian installation, despite reading the other threads where people have tried to do something similar to this setup (some of which have had success, but never documented how).

As mentioned above, I have set up something similar to this before where I had several raspberry pi’s and the server each running their own single instance of Mopidy and it worked well. I was able to control each of them via a single Iris front end, play a different stream to each of them, etc. I’d like to be able to consolidate and expand that setup by using these USB sound cards to feed multiple zones from a single Debian install rather than having a raspberry pi for each zone.

I’m learning as I go here…I’m technical enough to get myself into trouble, but will need some 101 explanations (as you can tell).

I’m grateful for your help!