Losing 'connection' with MusicBox through Spotify connect

I frequently (every ~10-15 minutes) lose connection to my MusicBox via Spotify Connect. This is what is written in /var/log/librespot.log:

INFO:librespot_core::session: Connecting to AP “gew1-accesspoint-b-xk0t.ap.spotify.com:4070
INFO:librespot_core::session: Authenticated as “1130174442” !
INFO:librespot_playback::audio_backend::alsa: Using alsa sink
INFO:librespot_core::session: Country: “NL”
INFO:librespot_playback::player: Loading track “Why” with Spotify URI “spotify:track:4cBRXZl34eCJ0HfXKiXFou”
INFO:librespot_playback::player: Track “Why” loaded
INFO:librespot::player_event_handler: Running ["/opt/musicbox/mpc_stop.sh"] with environment variables {“TRACK_ID”: “8a1c4aa99f3c4f278c2e5ae4944ad65a”, “PLAYER_EVENT”: “stop”}
ERROR:librespot_core::session: Error { repr: Os { code: 104, message: “Connection reset by peer” } }
INFO:librespot_core::session: Connecting to AP “gew1-accesspoint-b-hsnt.ap.spotify.com:4070

Is there something I can do about this? Please request other info/log files

P.S. After this, MusicBox lost connection to my WiFi network, but this was an incident and thus doesn’t happen normally.