Spotify connect fails after some time


I’m running Pi MusicBox version 0.7.0RC6. All is running great, except that Spotify Connect is unavailable when de box has ran for some time (i did the librespot upgrade from this thread).

Whenever it’s unavailable I can restart the musicbox (or just the service with service librespot restart) and I can see the musicbox from Spotify again and connect just fine. The startup log at /var/log/musicbox_startup.log and the log /var/log/librespot.log do not show any strange stuff going on.

The unavailability of the service starts after quite a while (have not timed it, but more than an hour at least). Strange thing is that service librespot status says the service is running when it’s not reachable anymore (stopping it explicitly does show it’s not running however).

Anybody has some pointers to where I could look?

Just found an issue in LibreSpot describing the same problem:

I will do some digging there, will report back here when I find out more (could take some time).