Spotify unreliable/unusable Pi MusicBox 0.7.0RC7


I am experiencing issues with Spotify using the latest MusicBox. I have attempted to use both Spotify and Spotify Web Browse. Nothing appears to load with the browse>spotify option. Using the browse>spotiy web browser option, it appears hopeful as it loads my songs, but when I click to play, or try to add to the queue, nothing happens. In the browser console I am not getting any errors. Are other folks getting having success with Spotify? It appears that my Pi is crashing as a result of trying to interact with Spotify as well. Any help would be appreciated from those with a working Spotify. I have my client id and client secret as well as username and password filled in the settings.


Same problem here, the only music I see is in the new releases section, selecting as track takes me to another screen that says ‘no tracks found’. This is a new install / user but I’ve generated and reloaded the credentials several times and it still won’t work.


So I’ve ended up with raspotify, works well, so far. I had to make a .conf to tell it to use my usb sound dongle. I do still really wish I had MusicBox, can I install it and keep raspotify?


So there are currently issues with some (most) of the mopidy-spotify features that you access through the webclient. These should be documented in the release notes to some extent.

Raspotify is just a repackaged and renamed (I’ve no idea why) verison of librespot. Librespot is already included in pimusicbox so normally it’s pointless to install raspotify as well. However, there was a breaking change to librespot quite recently that means the version bundled in pimusicbox is likely broken. I’ve yet to test it myself, I’ve been a bit busy.

But to answer your question, I don’t see why you can’t have raspotify on pimusicbox. It should just take some manual config to get it going which it sounds like you’ve already handled. But I have not tried to do it myself so can’t say for sure there’s no issue.


Glad to hear raspotofy is working out well for you. I have really considered using that. My end goal is:

  • listed to a list of curated podcasts

  • listen to spotify playlists

  • control source (position 1 is podcast 1, position 2 is podcast 2, position 3 is spotify playlist 1, position 4 is spotify playlist 4, etc.) headless manor by using 2 physical knobs on the front of the vintage radio

Thoughts about how to accomplish this? Here is a picture of the radio:

I would think you would be able to install the MusicBox image and then install raspotify on top of it, but this strictly from a laymen’s perspective, I don’t know if that is truly possible.


After installing raspotify it seems to not work with the external DAC, it plays for an hour or so then crashes the Pi (a 3 B+). I then changed to raspbian stretch lite and reinstalled Pi MusicBox, it worked right away with the DAC, no messing around at all except booting it with the soundcard plugged in. But after an hour or so it crashes again, however playing through the built in audio it works great - all this is using it as a spotify device, as opposed to using the Pi MusicBox web interface. There is a very short gap between songs and the cross fade does not work - as I understand it Spotify is not plying well with the open source community. I’ve added a fan to the top of the Pi, so the processor and networking stuff get a breeze but not the RAM on the underside. Any guesses as to what my issue might be? I appreciate all the help, very new to this sort of stuff.