Spotify unreliable/unusable Pi MusicBox 0.7.0RC7


I am experiencing issues with Spotify using the latest MusicBox. I have attempted to use both Spotify and Spotify Web Browse. Nothing appears to load with the browse>spotify option. Using the browse>spotiy web browser option, it appears hopeful as it loads my songs, but when I click to play, or try to add to the queue, nothing happens. In the browser console I am not getting any errors. Are other folks getting having success with Spotify? It appears that my Pi is crashing as a result of trying to interact with Spotify as well. Any help would be appreciated from those with a working Spotify. I have my client id and client secret as well as username and password filled in the settings.


Same problem here, the only music I see is in the new releases section, selecting as track takes me to another screen that says ‘no tracks found’. This is a new install / user but I’ve generated and reloaded the credentials several times and it still won’t work.


So I’ve ended up with raspotify, works well, so far. I had to make a .conf to tell it to use my usb sound dongle. I do still really wish I had MusicBox, can I install it and keep raspotify?


So there are currently issues with some (most) of the mopidy-spotify features that you access through the webclient. These should be documented in the release notes to some extent.

Raspotify is just a repackaged and renamed (I’ve no idea why) verison of librespot. Librespot is already included in pimusicbox so normally it’s pointless to install raspotify as well. However, there was a breaking change to librespot quite recently that means the version bundled in pimusicbox is likely broken. I’ve yet to test it myself, I’ve been a bit busy.

But to answer your question, I don’t see why you can’t have raspotify on pimusicbox. It should just take some manual config to get it going which it sounds like you’ve already handled. But I have not tried to do it myself so can’t say for sure there’s no issue.


Glad to hear raspotofy is working out well for you. I have really considered using that. My end goal is:

  • listed to a list of curated podcasts

  • listen to spotify playlists

  • control source (position 1 is podcast 1, position 2 is podcast 2, position 3 is spotify playlist 1, position 4 is spotify playlist 4, etc.) headless manor by using 2 physical knobs on the front of the vintage radio

Thoughts about how to accomplish this? Here is a picture of the radio:

I would think you would be able to install the MusicBox image and then install raspotify on top of it, but this strictly from a laymen’s perspective, I don’t know if that is truly possible.