Spotify losing connection

I have continuous failings from spotify:

Nov 26 09:20:44 pab mopidy[426]: INFO     Failed to lookup "spotify:track:0tByDZgQzoNfFFmpgleB0s": S
ession must be logged in and online to load objects: <ConnectionState.LOGGED_OUT: 0>

Internet line is working and I can use spotify from its own app. This error is happening after mopidy is in STOPPED state for some hour; trying then to add some spotify tracks generates those errors.

I’ve never had this problem (or otherwise heard of it) but I rarely explicitly stop Mopidy so I’ll try doing that over the next couple of days and see what I get.

In the meantime, there might be something of interest in the debug/trace logs if you reproduce it with one of those.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I am not stopping mopidy, but I am clearing the queue. This happens only when I don’t play anything for few hours.

Right, OK. But as it happens, Mopidy will stop when you clear the tracklist so no harm done.

Is your whole system inactive for those hours? Is it possible the network device has gone to sleep and the Spotify connection is then lost due to that?

It’s also not clear if you are stuck in this failed state or if it recovers. Can you please confirm which.

Network could be a possibility, even if when I access the system through Iris, the GUI is responding. In order to recover from this state I have to restart mopidy with service mopidy restart.

I’m no convinced that’s not a great indication as a lot of Iris is javascript running on your local browser and a lot of it is cached. It would be better if you could verify by fully refreshing the page (depending on your browser and OS the key combination to skip the cache differs, for me it’s ctrl+F5). Or test by connecting via ssh and see if that wakes things up.

Yes, when I say that the GUI responded, I mean I fully refreshed it. And my mopidy server can be reached trhough ssh too. I will monitor this issue in the coming days.