Iqaudio DAC + card not detected

I’m once again needing some help:
my brand new installation does not show my Iqaudio DAC +:

i does show in lsmod:

but not in dmesg - no idea why.

/boot/config.txt has the following:
pi@mopidy:~ $ aplay -l
aplay: device_list:272: aucune carte son n’a été trouvée…

What is wong :slight_smile:

Since this isn’t really a problem with Mopidy you might have more answers posting at the official Raspberry Pi forums. But if you want to provide your /boot/config.txt and the error message in English then maybe someone can help you here.

Thanks for your help.
I was not aware it had to work immediatly, though i had to install and configure.

after a clean install everything looks fine.