IQaudio Pi-DigiAMP+ on Musicbox

Hi There,

I recently purchased a IQaudio Pi-DigiAMP+ module, believing it is supported on the Musicbox…however, it appears only the DAC+ version has been tested with Musicbox. Is there any change I need to do? Upon booting up the image, it appears to recognise the board, however, I have no sound output.


Hello. Yes you are correct that it’s not been tested (I don’t have one). The iqaudio guys did actually recently reply regarding what was needed to support their latest boards but I must admit I forgot to implement it, apologies.

I think the problem is that their boards come up muted (I don’t know why) and you need to end up with the following in /boot/config.txt for it to work properly:


I think this extra unmute_amp parameter might require some changes to our regular sound setup code. I’ll look into fixing that tomorrow. In the meantime you should be able to edit /boot/config.txt manually and get it working. Hope that helps, looks like a cool card.

Hi there, kingosticks :wink:

Thank you very much - this worked perfectly. i can report that the IQAudio AMP+ module works just fine with the MusicBox!


Brilliant, thanks for verifying that. I’ll fix it for the next release.

I am trying to get Digiamp+ working with Emteria on Raspberry Pi. Can anyone tell me where exactly to insert the dtoverlay=iqaudio-dacplus,unmute_amp row? I tried inserting it at the end of the config.txt and that did not work. It stops Raspberry Pi from booting and the config file itself seems to get corrupted after the booting attempt.