Images for Genres Sub-Folder

Is it possible to add an image for the subfolers in Genres? E.g an image of a guitar.jpg for Rock or a violin.jpg for classic.

According to the documentation, getting images is supported only for tracks, albums and playlists (UPDATE: I am wrong, the documentation says any URI is supported!).

In Mopidy-Local sources, one can see that only albums and tracks are handled:

But the documentation seems to be wrong, and some extensions return images for other URIs. See for example Mopidy-Bandcamp where images are returned for any URI: mopidy-bandcamp/mopidy_bandcamp/ at master · impliedchaos/mopidy-bandcamp · GitHub

( is used to generate colored “text” icons).

Is it possible to add an image for the subfolers in Genres?

You’ll have to implement that feature!

The documentation is accurate, that’s not quite what it says. Those are examples, not an exhaustive list.

Backends can use this to return image URIs for any URI they know about be it tracks, albums, playlists.

We can change it to be clearer by removing the examples.

Oh yes, sorry… My interpretation was wrong sorry.

I totally agree with everything else though.

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