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Grab image url from JSON-RPC

I am wondering if there is a JSON-RPC call to get the image of the current playing track.
I tried with:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 1,
    "method": "core.playback.get_current_tl_track"

but I am not getting the “image” field:

{"__model__":"TlTrack","tlid":105,"track":{"__model__":"Track","uri":"tunein:station:s2475","name":"Radio Monte Carlo - Musica Di Gran Classe","artists":[{"__model__":"Artist","uri":"tunein:station:s2475","name":"Radio Monte Carlo"}],"album":{"__model__":"Album","uri":"tunein:station:s2475","name":"Radio Monte Carlo"}}}

Is mopidy.core — Core API — Mopidy 3.1.1-1-gf17acacf documentation not what you are looking for.

It requires two calls to do what you want, one to get the uri of the current track, another to get the image for that uri.

We used to expose images in the TlTrack but we don’t anymore, it’s documented in the changelog somewhere.

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