Mopidy Album art

Hello , I was having trouble with mopidy to display the album art using mopidy js , please help.

Please be much, much more specific.

what I was trying to say is how do I get the image of the audio file for displaying the album art . I tried using mopidy.library.getImages but it doesn’t work , it always return empty.
I’m using mopidy.js library.

Post your code please.

Screenshot from 2020-03-30 21-58-33

Which backend extension are you using? Does it definitely support album art already? Not all do (gmusic).

I’m using Mopidy-File backend.

please any help would be much appreciated , how can I get an album art and display it using mopidy.js library. Can mopidy get an album art using mopidy.library.getImages ?

Please don’t post screenshots, post text.

@jjok had the right answer. Mopidy-File does not support get_images:


sorry and thank you for letting me know.

You have highlighted a good point thought, it would be helpful if the Mopidy-File documentation made that clearer.

I added a note in the Mopidy-File documentation and an issue at