I dont see images from Albums, Artist with Iris

I cant see the images of Albums or Artist when i search,

I see them here:

When i select some Album…

Why? how i can correct that?

So, this is the place to ask about mopidy or there is somewhere else to ask?
Im asking this, because i think that i make like 3 question, and just 1 receive an answer, not complete answer but at least an interaction.


This is A place to ask about Mopidy. You’ve maybe come across public internet forums before, ours is no different. If someone thinks they can help you and they have time to help you, maybe they will help you.

However, if you have a question about a specific extension, you may find a quicker response if you ask on their github issue tracker. People do not have the time to actively monitor all the places people ask for help.

Please remember these are free software projects run by volunteers.

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Oh, ok. Thanks I will ask also in the GitHub!

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