How to add a WiFi and BT-stick with Realtek chipset 8723bu

I have some “old RasPi 1B” and want to use them with PI MusicBox. I bought some WiFi and BT-sticks to upgrade the Pi. Unfortunately I did not look to the FAQ first. The stick is not listed. But also I cannot add the driver available on Github. Starting the compilation is not possible on the RasPi. Is there another chance to add the driver or make compilation possible?

Sorry, if it doesn’t work out of the box I can’t advise.

thanks for the short reply. But you may help me if I’m wrong. Is it my fault that the compile doesn’t work or is it not possible? I know I can use Pi Zero with WiFi to adapt my audio equipment. But I still have the older Pi in my hands.
Thanks in advance

I know other usb wifi adapters do work so there is the possibility of using older pi hardware with wireless networks. It will probably be possible to compile the driver for this wifi hardware but in my experience it’s an exercise in frustration because the drivers are written for old kernels so you have to manually update them. I can’t say for sure but I don’t remember the state of this particular realtek usb stick. Maybe there’s some info about this one in the github issues.