Connecting pi zero w / bluetooth speaker to musicbox

Found a great guide for getting a bluetooth dongle to work… but my zero w doesn’t seem to like the commands… so I’m stuck asking for assistance.

root@MusicBox:~# sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez bluez-utils blues-alsa
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package blues-alsa

Everything I’ve read tells me that the zero w has wifi and bluetooth radios built in, so I would think the rest should work, no? Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks!

pimusicbox doesn’t currently support bluetooth I am afraid. We still use Raspbian Wheezy and I’ve never figured out how to get the Zero W Bluetooth to work under that.

ahhhhh bummer :frowning:

thanks for the response.

k - so I’ve had 24 hrs to chew on it and I’ve found a couple of pieces of interesting documentation that say the RasPiZW can be connected via BT using wheezy but only with the use of an OS GUI. So… I read a suggestion somewhere to install XFCE4 - did that, musicbox no longer auto signed in at the console and it didn’t give me the desktop I was looking for when I xrdp’d to it. Upon breaking it, I reimaged and got the mb install back up and config’d - back to vanilla musicbox. Is there an OS GUI that is known to work with musicbox?

is there an installable package that works much like musicbox that maybe I can just start with a different GUI enabled distro, install a ‘musicbox like’ package, and still maintain BT control?

I apologize for the ignorance - I very new to using linux for entertainment purposes and don’t know much about the available softwares, tools, and distros outside of the network security space.

I can’t help with a GUI for pimusicbox - no idea.

You can install Mopidy and all the other software/features you want from scratch on the latest Raspbian Stretch. I am afraid, while it’s been planned for a very long time, there is no way yet to easily install musicbox itself. I don’t know of alternatives, maybe ask on the raspberrypi forums for suggestions.

Thanks much - you’ve been a great resource nonetheless.