Installing wifi hotspot / router for mobile use


Since there is a raspberry pi zero out and FIIO made a new little DAC (fiio K1) I thought to combine everything and make my self a Hi res audio wireless headphone where I can stream my music to from my phone / laptop pc etc.
Al of the “buy it” solutions are not great, most use BT audio streaming with low quality or proptairy or really expensive.

All of the electronics are covered (3d printed headshell / power / charging etc)

The thing is that you need a router / working network, this is fine at home but on the go it will not work or you need a mobile hotspot. (tried that and it works but looks funny).

Of course I want to use as little components as possible, so I would like the raspberry to take the role of router / access point.

First I would like to resolve connecting my phone / laptop to the raspberry, so I can play music.
second it would be great if i can also connect to a network at home / hotel / ofiice etc. to use the streaming function in musicbox.

The internet gave my 2 ideas.

1 install a wifi router with 2 wifi dongles.
2 use bluetooth PAN (ip networking).

What approace would be the most easiest ? A router with 2 wifi or 1 wifi and BT pan ?

Thanks for your input.