Connecting to MusicBox via WiFi Dongle opposed to an existing WiFi network


So I have been reading through this tutorial ( on how to setup Pi MusicBox at home but I wanted to extend it to my car. The only difference being there obviously isn’t any existing WiFi connection. To get around this I would need to attach a USB WiFi dongle to the Raspberry Pi to broadcast the signal.

This would mean people inside the car would connect to this network and then to //musicbox.local, however inside the settings.ini folder what would I include?

So I thought I’d ask before I went ahead with this, would this be possible?

Thanks a lot!



Wifi hotspot functionality isn’t supported in musicbox right now but it’s something we’d really like to have in the future. Off the top of my head I think you’d need to hack around with the wifi network setup in /opt/musicbox/ You would also have to be sure that your wifi adaptor supports hotspot mode as not all of them do, I think you’ll find more information about that on the raspberrypi forums. Also note that the current musicbox image is based on the older Raspbian version (Wheezy) but recent posts on the raspberrypi forums will probably be referring to the latest Raspbian version (Jessie) and the network setup is very differently between the two so watch out.

Thanks for the reply.

I have since read through a lot of community members’ projects, it seems like one setup is to have a separate hotspot. I am going to order a TP-Link Mobile Router ( It works off of 12v Micro USB Cell phone charger, so I will power it from the Raspberry PI and connect to it with and ethernet cable.

Again, thanks for the response!

Why not just use an aux cable from the output jack on the RPi to your car?

I am uncertain as to what you mean. I have scrapped the idea of buying a mobile hotspot as it is possible to setup a hotspot using a simple WiFi dongle. I am also following this tutorial ( to install Volumio on a version of PiBang, which won’t need me to setup the settings.ini file (I hope I am correct in saying this).