How thick am I?

Ok folks that was a rhetorical question and doesn’t require an answer, however this one does.

I have Musicbox working and can access via my ipad or browser on PC. I can listen to streaming radio but no matter how hard I try I cant get to the huge number of albums on my PC hard drive.
I have opened the Music folder and changed the sharing permission and still nothing, I cant see where to enter the homegroup password in the Musicbox set up section and am losing the will to live.
I gave up on RaspBMC because I could never get it to find anything and I really don’t want to quit on Musicbox so help please.

once I can find my music I will install the sound card and start using this to stream my music round the house.


You mention Homegroup. It’s a newer technology in Windows which doesn’t work with Pi MusicBox (and other linuxes). You should use the old windows networking. Or isn’t that the problem?

thanks for the rapid response, it sounds quite likely that i do need to use the older technology but I have no ideahow to access it.

In order to have simple sharing working you need to disable Home Groups, disable simple share password limitation and enable passwordless login and enable read only acces for you shares see

Win8 has even more locked down version an you need to tinker wit registry.

Easier approches and mopidy-beets plugin or

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