Pi MusicBox Samba Setup


I wanted to say thanks to the developers for this wonderful image Pi MusicBox. I’ve recently downloaded and started to play with Pi MusicBox. While I do have several questions, my main focus for now has simply been getting the Pi to be accessible via my Windows 10 Laptop. So for example, with an image like retropie, I’d enable ssh and be able to access the pi but typing \RETROPIE in the address of explorer and done. I am failing to find this option with MusicBox. Originally on my first image, it was working no problem and I can’t tell you if I did anything to make it work. After I reflashed to try again, I have been unable to reestablish this connection. When I connect via WinSCP to the musicbox ip directly, I am able to log in with root/musicbox but when I try to transfer mp3 files to the musicbox, there is an error and connection is lost. I’ve been using a USB stick for storage of files but was hoping to take advantage of the space on the SD card

Further on I’d like to just be able to mount my itunes folder and play directly from there over the network but baby steps…