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Command Prompt help

I have successfully installed Musicbox onto an SD card. I enter the login and password which takes me to a root command prompt. How do I get beyond this so I can actually use the program?

Many thanks

You can change any setting using browser.
This link tells you how to connect via browser

Thanks for your quick response

My problem is I use root to login then musicbox as password but I can’t get further than the root prompt. Am I missing the glaringly obvious?

Access from another pc or your phone via a web browser.
I’m not sure what you are trying to do though, if it’s using music box type the address given into a web browser address bar. You don’t use musixbox from the command line.
Follow the link in the text above might work

Definitely my own stupidity
I have managed to use my phone to access musicbox. I am struggling to access the music stored on my laptop running windows 10 which is on the same local network as my Raspberry Pi

Your help and patience is much appreciated

It can’t be left empty, so I had to put something in there - you don’t have to delete it.
Have you sorted out the share yet?

No I’m pretty clueless to be honest
I’ve enabled UPnP and DLNA in the ini file but can’t figure what else I need to do

Been trying to get the share to work on and off all day. I’m getting further with using the web browser and listening to podcasts and music from a USB stick and USB hard drive. I really need to get to grips with Linux. I suspect I have a made a basic error in the path to the music folder on my Windows 10 laptop!

I can’t help with this I’m afraid as I use Mopidy now and mainly listen to Spotify. I do remember struggling to set it up on Musicbox sometime ago, in the end got frustrated and put everything (which was only about 30 cd’s) on the usb hard drive. Hopefully someone else can point you in the right direction.
I guess you’ve followed the instructions in the manual

I think I will do the same as you!

I am using mopidy mobile /it will detect auto your ip.pi music box in theory should detect aswell the usb uf not you should mount .
Use sudo blkid to see your drives id s and mount like sudo mount /dev/(here your hdd like sda or sdb )