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Musicbox won't boot to browser

I am a new user of musicbox attempting to load it onto an SD card and boot it for the first time. When it boots up on the Pi it stops at a point and asks for MusicBox login: and Password: which I understand are root and musicbox. once those two are entered it then displays a PiMusicBox graphic, Welcome! and then root@MusicBox:~#_.

I have no idea what to do next. From what I’ve read this doesn’t seem right.

I am using a Pi 3B. I tried two different SD cards, both SanDisc brand one 128GB and the other 16GB.

I have a hardwired WiFi plugged into the Pi and put my network and password in the settings.ini file.

I am using a monitor with an HDMI cable.

I am using the newest version from Releases · pimusicbox/pimusicbox (

I followed the directions here DIY Raspberry Pi Music Player - Pi My Life Up

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Musicbox doesn’t have it’s own browser, you need to access it from something that does have a browser, either your phone (note the bit about android in the instructions) or from a pc. Then follow the instructions given in the write up.

Thank you, I wasn’t understanding that. Using http://musicbox.local didn’t work I had to use the URL and I didn’t catch on to that detail until you commented. I have been able to access my Pi and set things up and actually play some music, thanks.

I expirimented and it doesn’t seem like the MusicBox login and Password are even needed to boot the Pi and connect to it with a browser, that’s good but seem odd at the same time.

Thanks again

You may need to make sure the bonjour service is running on your windows machine. It means you can use musicbox.local rather than the numerical ip address, this will help if your router changes the address it gives the pi when you reboot.