Some points and suggestions

Hi, little bit done testing and learning of Musicbox. Some questions and suggestions popped up.

Is there some kind ‘to-do’ list of points which will be implemented into following versions, so opening new threads of suggestions and/or problem is not necessary.

I tested Musicbox with NAS, where MP3 files are stored. When I browse files, open the folder and choose one song to play, on this moment contents of that folder is loaded into queue. If there is lot of files it takes minutes before song starts to play. Also when pointing one song on Spotify playlist, complete playlist should not be transferred to queue.

If like to change song on same folder it is better to do that on queue side rather than folder, on folder side it loads again all songs into queue.

Would be nice to have it so that when selecting song, that song is added to queue (and removed when it ends). There could be same type selection menu as on Spotify playlists, 'play, ‘play track next’ ’ etc.

Is there some kind of limitations on network use, folder structure: number of folders to scan or depth of folder tree. All folders did not got scanned. It is not permission issue, because when pointing scanning only into that folder which was missing in first run, it got scanned alone no prob.

Overall nice prog! Keep going!


Automatically removing a song from the queue once it’s been played (AKA consume mode) is not implemented through musicbox webclient ( but it is controllable through most MPD clients.

What is your folder structure? Are you confident the folder itself has the correct permission (not just the files within)?

Permissions are ok. If I change in settings network location into that folder which was not scanned before, it does scan it and all files on that folder are shown.

Structure is like this:

// under this folder there is 13 folders containing MP3 files.

first 11 folders were scanned, some of these folders contained also sub folders.

12th and 13th folder was not scanned, but when i changed location directly pointing on that 12th folder it was scanned ok.


Problem is number of file in a specific folder. I did mention about this before, but it wasn’t understood correctly then… problem is:

If you have many files in one folder, even you like to play 1 song on that folder. All the files are transferred into queue, that surely takes time with Pi. If you choose to play song, which is in folder containing 10 songs (album) then it works fine, 10 song transfer to queue is fast.

Do not transfer all files in folder into queue, have same selections as for spotify playlist. “play next, add bottom…etc…” why in earth transfer all files in folder into queue, if you like to listen one song?


Hi Juja,

Please try and post on topic, your post above didn’t have anything to do with mounting network drives so I’ve moved it here. I hope that is OK.

You are correct, sending that tracklist data back to the RPi does take time and it could be avoided.
If you take a look at I think that is a patch which partly addresses your request. If you can further improve on the webclient then please feel free to submit a patch of your own.