Apple Watch client

Hi, I am thinking about creating an Apple Watch client for Mopidy. Do you know about anybody who has attempted this before? I haven’t found anything. I thought about adjusting this project GitHub - KhaosT/open-apollo: A Spotify player for watchOS to talk with the Mopidy backend. My motivation is to be able to use Youtube Music with my Apple Watch while not connected to my phone.

It’s not clear what that Apollo project is doing (if anything) so I don’t know if it’s a suitable start point but I doubt it.

Remember, Mopidy clients are for controlling a Mopidy sever. The audio is played on the server, not the client. Of course, you can run a client and the server on the same device.

I don’t know how Apple products work, or what the restriction of being unconnected to the iphone means. Maybe someone who understands these devices can comment.

I would only use Apollo for the UI-components and replace all the api calls with Mopidy api calls.

I see, my idea was to host the server somewhere and then stream the music to the watch, but if the music is played on the server then that complicates things. I don’t think I could get Mopidy itself to run as it is on the watch, but I’ll have a look into it. Thanks for pointing that out.

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