Mopidy as a WiFi Speaker?

Hi there, I have a general question involving mopidy, which I am quite new to.

I am hoping I can use a Raspberry Pi essentially as a wifi streaming speaker device… one that I can use from my phone, laptop, desktop, as long as I am on my local network. However, it’s hard to tell if this is possible using Mopidy, or even possible at all. So far, what I have seen have mostly been either pairing Mopidy with a client app, like Iris, or hosting audio streams with extensions such as Snapcast.

So far, I have Mopidy running and playing audio to my speakers directly via my DAC, but I’m at a loss for where to begin hosting it as a wifi speaker device.

Any help or responses are much appreciated, even if you tell me I’m way off base and this isn’t anywhere near possible :wink:

Mopidy needs to be told what to play from a database of tracks it knows about, be they local or from a streaming service like Spotify. That is why you need to use a frontend to control it e.g. web clients like Iris, MPD clients, MPRIS clients, physical buttons wired to GPIO etc.

It sounds like you just want to send audio data from your computer/phone and have it use the speaker connected to a Pi. Mopidy will not help you do that. What you need depends on what operating systems you have on your computers and phone. The phone will likely be the issue, particularly if its an Android. Maybe something like shairport-sync on the Pi and pulseaudio on the computers will work. It almost sounds like you want a Chromecast-like experience but that doesn’t really exist because the close integration on Android is closed. There is also but it’s quite limited. Or perhaps something based on DLNA is possible.

You’ll have better luck asking on the official Raspberry Pi forums.

Wow, thank you for the quick and detailed response!
You’re pretty much correct with me wanting a Chromecast-like experience… something more or less plug’n’play… ideally where if a friend came over they could just pick it as a playback device on their phone, but I know I’m probably asking for a bit too much without putting in a ton of work myself.

Great to know for sure that it won’t work using Mopidy.
I’ll look into the options you mentioned and might leave a post on the Pi forums.

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