Stream mp3 to mopidy server

Hi, not sure if you guys can help me. I’ve been working on a web app that enables a user to select music from a secure service and play it to speakers connected to a raspberry pi. I came across Mopidy and installed it on a raspberry. What am now trying to do is stream the mp3 on the web app to mopidy which will then play it on the raspberry. Am not sure whether this is possible, if it is how do I get stream the mp3 to mopidy?

This is certainly possible. Firstly you need to decide how you are going to control Mopidy on the PI, typically a MPD client or JSON-RPC over HTTP or Websocket. This also depends on if you want the website backend to control Mopidy or the webpage with respect to which one makes the most sense.

Once you know decide on this you can look at the docs or the Mopidy API Explorer to get going. Though if the goal is just to play a single stream Mopidy might be a bit overkill :slight_smile: