Mopidy-spotify API

First of all congrats for creating Mopidy. I had fun with it for a couple of weeks now. I try to create my own Spotify player in Qt5 and I am wondering if there is some API dor mopidy-spotify extension? Now I use one provided in Mopidy’s documentation, but I can’t see all functionalities. I’m looking for queries providing user’s playlists, Spotify’s Browse and so on.


If you are asking about creating a GUI in Qt for controlling Mopidy (AKA a frontend extension) then you probably want to control Mopidy via the core API. You can do this by sending JSON over HTTP. As well as those links, you may also find the API Explorer extension helpful to install and play with.

Alternatively you could communicate with Mopidy via the MPD interface. I don’t know what would be best for a Qt app - that’s up to you.

However, if you are talking about making your own Spotify player from scratch (i.e. nothing to do with Mopidy) then that’s a different question.

Thank you so fast answer.
I plan to create a Spotify client based on Mopidy with mopidy-spotify extension. I wrote the GUI (AKA frontend) in QML. The backend, so communicating with Mopidy server through WebSocket is run with a code written in C++ and Qt.

Unfortunately, (if I’m right) the Mopidy’s API doesn’t provide queries to create a full Spotify client with support of ie. Browse card, Genres card… It’s totally understandable, because it’s meant to be a server for playing music, not necessarily with Spotify.

The question is if the mopidy-spotify extension does provide functionalities I’m looking for in its API? If not, could you help me choose another solution? Maybe for that purposes I should use Spotify Web API? In a Spoitfy frontend for Mopidy called “Iris” these functionalities are available.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Yes, do what Iris and friends do and use Spotify’s Web API directly.

Ok then.
To sum up I will use Mopidy as a server for playing music form Spotify and the Spotify’s Web API for getting additional info, right? As I assume this is a common approach?

As you say, iris and I think another Spotify focused web frontend do this already. You just have to manage a way to get the web api token.

Great to hear that! I was worried that my work was a waste of time, but fortunately it’s not :slight_smile:

Thank you very much again for so quick and crisp help!

Do you have a link to your project? I’ve been thinking about a non-browser graphical frontend for pimusicbox to display when a user connects HDMI. I’d be interested to see what such a Qt app might look like.

Not yet, but when there will be something to show I can share it with you :slight_smile: