AMP+ volume range excessive


I’m new to the Pi / Linux and am having an issue with the volume control. I am running musicbox on a Pi2B with AMP+

The volume control on the web interface seems to be calibrated incorrectly for my set up. Even when the volume is set to 1 it is still relatively loud. I cant take it over 10 without it becoming extremely loud.

Is there a way to recalibrate the range of the volume control so that my 1-10 becomes the new 1-100 for example?


It’s not MusicBox or it’s webinterface that’s your problem, it’s actually the AMP+ which has to much gain (for your case). You can lower the volume of the AMP+ via its alsa master control, see Try for example:

amixer sset Master 50%

and check what it does to the range of the web interface volume control.

Ah that makes sense I’ll give that a try. Thanks

Edit: Yup worked perfectly. Appreciate the help.