Pi2 / hifiberry dac+ hardware volume problems


I was running a Pi2 / pimusicbox 0.6 with good results (mostly) but by adding a Hifiberry dac+ I’m running into this problem. Basically I couldn’t access musicbox.local anymore.

I managed to get it to work again using Bram_Maes settings from this thread:


but the output of the card is now so high I have to set the software volume very low or there’s clipping/saturation. I have it plugged into a preamp. As it is the sound quality is not as good as what I was getting with the Pi2 headphone jack.

If I try to enable hardware mixer the server stops working and I can’t access musicbox.local again

If you want to use hardware mixing and set mixer = alsamixer I think you need to also make sure the [alsamixer] settings are correct. I guess aplay -l should tell you the card to use, and then amixer scontrols should help you find what control you need to set. I only have a Hifberry DAC which, unlike the DAC+, doesn’t support hardware mixing so I can’t personally help much. If the server stops working after changing to alsamixer then please look in /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log for the reason why.

Hi kingosticks,

I tried a few control settings but that one made it.

control = Digital


Fantastic. Thanks for updating us, I’ll add that to the wiki.

For me these settings work with the DAC+ and PI2:

mixer_volume = 85
mixer = alsamixer

card = 1
control = PCM

These settings worked for me (Raspberry Pi 2 & Hifiberry DAC+ & Pi MusicBOX 0.6)

card = 1
control = PCM

I found that selecting hifiberry dac+ through the settings would result in a crash. Editing the .ini file however seemed to work great. setting control=digital resulted in great sound @ 85% but no volume control through the GUI. Setting to PCM enables volume control in the GUI.

The volume increments are rather large, very little output up to 70% then big jumps… is there a reason for this? any Suggestions??

Thanks for the great comments so far in the forums, very helpful all round, and thanks for an amazing distro to go on my PI!!


I have the same issue
My config: B+ and a Hifiberry Dac+
mixer is set to alsamixer and mixer_volume = 50

A little output at 50-60% and then big steps from 70 to 100%, so hardly to control!!
In the rune_audio forum they have encountered the same issue with hardware volume control: Volume control; Linear or logarithmic?

Besides that, I have done all the settings through the ini-file. But when I change settings (like the autoplaywait) through the GUI. After the reboot the mixer is set to “software” and then a standard volume level of 50% is very LOUD!

Kind regards