Alphabetical sort order too strict?

The sort order of albums / artists and so on in the local libary is currently alphabetical as Ascii would command it. However, if you have imperfect tags or just specific artist names where some are capitalized and some are not, then the sort order is not intutitive.

You get something like this:

  • Artist-A
  • Artist-D
  • Artist-G
  • artist-A
  • artist-B
  • artist-C

Is this as desired? Or should the sort order use e.g. order by UPPER(artist) instead of just order by artist so that it becomes more intuitive?

Good point. Are you using the sqlite or the json local library?
For sqlite, plans are to use sortname tags in the future, which would also improve the situation where you have lots of artist names starting with “The” sorted under “T”. But normalizing case would probably be a sensible thing to do, too.

I’m using the default musicbox settings which are set to sqlite.

When querying the sqlite DB i noticed that it produces that sort order by default when sorting by a string based field. Not sure whether there is an additional sort going on in mopidy or the musicbox webclient, though.

@jochen: Sorry for taking almost half a year, but finally this will be addressed by the upcoming Mopidy-Local-SQLite version.