Fix trailing "The" in library

is there a way to fix the article (The Die Les etc.) when viewing the local library? All artists commencing with a “The” show up under “T” which is rather cumbersome for searching…

Not sure if this is best worked around in the web client or in the local library. @tkem do you happen to have any thoughts about this from mopidy-local-sqlite’s point of view?

Indeed, I do :wink:

To explain further: A simple lexical approach won’t suffice, especially with non-English names and articles.
For example, I want German band “Die Ärzte” listed under “A”, but (also German, but English titled) " Die Happy" under “D”.
If models had a " sortname" property, this could be used by clients and/or the local back end. Of course, now that local libraries get access to all tags from scanning, the sort names tags from gstreamer could (and maybe will) be used by mopidy-local-sqlite internally, but I guess clients and other back ends might benefit from such a property, too.

I assume, then, that “Sortname” is an mp3-tag that would need to be completed? Sorry I don’t really know what gstreamer is…

@Streifenleopard: There is currently no way to achieve this with MusicBox or the local library.