Playlists not sorted alphabetically

the playlists seem to have a random sort order in the web interface.

Also, is the reduced font size of the playlist names compared to their tracks on purpose?


I do not believe musicbox-webclient does any ordering and it’s exactly what Mopidy give us. What sort of playlists specifically are you referring to? In the case of my Spotify playlists, it’s the same order as I see in their client (which happens to be the order in which I added them).

Regarding font sizes, unsure what @woutervanwijk had in mind with it. I guess you could argue it might look neater if it was all the same but I’m indifferent. Open a bug at if you want.

No, i meant the playlists in the top-level playlist section (m3u playlists that mopidy finds during scanning).
They are in some random order.

Opened an issue for this: