Enhancement - Browsing Files: sort orders

When browsing, have the ability to sort by the following options:
Directories First
Files First
Mixed (what is currently the default).

I have my collection organised in a directory structure, and I do not use tagging.
When music applications scan the collection, the resulting database is often quite a mess.

I have always preferred using the file system.
When selecting music, I will sort by directories first, then files.

I have made some changes to the mopidy-file extension to handle this sorting, configurable in the mopidy.conf file, and it appears to work well.

I can make the changes available if there is interest.

This sounds exactly like what I want: list the tracks in order of file name. Please show us how you achieved this.

See mopidy PR 1595. The nature of the change is significantly different from what I initially had.

Thanks for the link. My mistake is that I thought it would solve my issue but it does not since I browse my files through dleyna and minidlna so the sorting is done elsewhere.