Customize Browsing Order in Mopidy-Local

Hey guys. I did quite some digging around, but so far I was unable to find a solution, although I suspect I’m missing something super obvious.
My problem is that I have not yet found a way to customize the (tag-based) order in which the Local extension presents my music. Example: When browsing Local media selecting Genres will prompt music box to display a list of my genres. Selecting one of these, however, leads directly to an alphabetically ordered list of every album in that genre. I would very much love to be given the option of selecting the desired artist first, like so: Genres --> Artists --> Albums. I know about the directories option for setting top level directories with URI but was unable to get the desired results there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Since I’m still stuck with this problem: Would maybe the mopidy-local github page be better suited for this kind of question? Or alternatively: Could somebody give me a hint where in the source code I can find the relevant segments that need amending to implement this?

Just to recap: I’d like for the “Genre”-View to be served sorted by artist rather than albums.

I think a list of albums of that genre is reasonable behaviour, as long as the list includes artist name, as well album title. If not, maybe that can be added.

Or maybe it should have two options; “Genre by artist” and “Genre by album”?

It looks like the top-level directories are already customisable, but I’m not sure if any changes would have to be made to allow what you want.

# top-level directories for browsing, as <name> <uri>
directories =
    Albums                  local:directory?type=album
    Artists                 local:directory?type=artist
    Composers               local:directory?type=artist&role=composer
    Genres                  local:directory?type=genre
    Performers              local:directory?type=artist&role=performer
    Release Years           local:directory?type=date&format=%25Y
    Tracks                  local:directory?type=track
    Last Week's Updates     local:directory?max-age=604800
    Last Month's Updates    local:directory?max-age=2592000

I quite agree, displaying a list of albums can be reasonable behavior. But like you said, I would like to have the option to browse by artists. So far I have been unable to make that work using the top-level directories settings.

I think you are right, I don’t think you can achieve this by manipulating the config setting as it is today. It does sound like a useful feature request to open on the Mopidy-Local github page, basically detailing what you have here already. But you’ll see that Mopidy-Local does not have a maintainer so it’s unlikely to happen unless you can find someone to do it.

I had a quick go at this. Maybe someone can take this hacky thing and get it into a state where we’d want to merge it?

Please open an issue at to take this further.

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Hey, that looks great. I won’t be able to test it properly before tomorrow, though. I’ll open the issue tomorrow as well.