Won't Play Certain Audio Streams

Loaded PiMusicBox into my Raspi 3 B+ so I could listen to internet talk radio streams. Streams such as NPR, WAMU, and WQED play fine, but some streams won’t play at all. They will play through iTunes or on a MacBook but won’t play through PiMusicBox - for example:

Any idea why these won’t play - is a specific codec or Mopidy extension needed? I’ve experimented with different suffixes of the urls but no success so far.

Thank you!

Found the cause - all working fine now. Thanks for all of your help

i have the same problem i’m setting a pimusicbox up as internet radio receiver for one internet radio station
so when it is powered on it’s on http://s16.myradiostream.com:15514/listen.pls all the time for a customer of mine i woundered what you figured out thank you