Play RTMP Stream on Pi Musicbox

How can I play a RTMP Stream Radio on the Pi Musicbox?
Many thanks.

Are you saying that entering the stream url in the streams page and
pressing play doesnt work?


I have the same problem but with rtsp stream. the url is in this form: rtsp://rozpruwacz.local:5004/test
if I type it in streams page and click play, the message “no valid url” appears.

I can play this url if I create a playlist file (.m3u) like this:

I’m usin latest pimusicbox (0.6.0)

from this github repo:

it seems that none of rtmp and rtsp urls are not accepted by the streams page of the mopidy-musicbox-webclient.
rtsp is not listed on the radioExtensionsList or uriClassList so there is no chance rtsp stream can be played through the webclient.

this is a bug or this is a feature ? can it be added ? should i report this on the github

I´ve same problem.

I can´t play a RTMP station radio on Pi MusicBox.

The URL is:
rtmp:// -y smoothlc.sdp

someone can help me, please?

many thanks

how you try to listen to this url ? via playlist ? which version of mopidy ? what says the mopidy log ?
with the newest mopidy i can play rtsp stream but i have to add the url to metadata_blacklist in stream configuration.