Pi Music Box stopped playing internet streams

I put together a Pi Music box a few months ago. It has been working perfectly.

A couple of days ago it stopped playing internet radio stations. It just stopped and I can’t get it to restart.

It will still play music from local files, but if you try and access any URL stream it just hangs up and plays nothing.

the only clue I have is if you connect an hdmi monitor and look at boot up, it finishes with this:

Mopidy startup complete, playing http://sc5.radiocaroline.net:8010

error: connection closed by the server

error: connection refused

If I SSH into the music box and try for instance to ping any internet site it responds okay so it has not lost it’s internet connection.

My router and the music box have been re booted several times.

My guess would be a ssl certificate issue. Maybe you could try accessing the stream with curl.

And how would I do that? I don’t even know what curl is.

I have tried several different streams, from different providers and none work. I just can’t figure out how something that was working one day has just stopped working. What can I do to find out why no internet streams will play?

Dear friend ,choose a reiable stream to test /remamber ,not all the stations are stable /
test with this
wait a bit to connect -at list 20 sec in some cases
if not ,check if your wifi password is good