WiFi Disconnecting

I have multiple Pis running MusicBox, all on RC7 now. The hard-wired ones are mostly fine, but every one using WiFi, whether built in or a USB adapter, drops off the network periodically. As a test I had my network automatically reboot at 3am and that causes them all to drop and they don’t reconnect until I reboot the pi, even though the network is only down for a minute or two. Even without having the network reboot nightly the WiFi Pi’s all eventually drop off, it’s like they won’t reconnect after WiFi is dropped. What am I missing?

Am I the only one having issues with this? Perhaps it’s more an issue with the router? Other devices are fine, I feel that it’s the Pi not reconnecting after it drops momentarily.

Seeing the same here on my Pi 3. My router runs 24/7, and no other devices have issues.

The Pi Musicbox drops off the wi-fi every night. No issues if connected via ethernet.

Well I’m glad I’m not alone, just wish I knew what would fix it.