Pi Music Box RC2 - Wireless problem

I tried RC2 today and i see the wifi network connectivity problem after reboot. Wired network seems to work. I downgraded to RC1 and did not see this problem. Is there anything i need to do with RC2 for Networking.

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Same here… with the final 0.51 version.
After rebooting the system sometimes hangs in the “waiting for network” loop.
Futher above in the boot log there is an error about a 80211.ko file not being found.
In that case the wifi stick does not flash its LED at all.

After some further reboots it works again… (despite still showing the ko-file error message)… very strange.

Same bug here. Tried both static and manual in /etc/network/interfaces for wlan0 but the issue persists. My dongle is the Edimax 7811, which seems to work great in Raspbian.

I’m having the same problem … New installation of PiMusicBox 0.5.1 works fine but after first reboot, sometimes after the second one my Wifi is not coming up.
The problem ist I’m having a RaspberryPi A only with a Edimax Wifi Dongle (This one worked quite well with Raspbian and older PiMusicBox Versions).

So after rebooting I can’t use the system anymore … first I thought of having a corrupt SD card or something but I figured out only Wifi is not coming up and System is in “Waiting for network” loop.

Hi, same issue over here. Scratching my head and was about to buy a new WiFi single as I thought it was unsupported… But now I’m not sure

@surfacescan I’m waiting for a ModMyPi WiFi n dongle in substitution of my Edimax. I’ll let you know if this improves something.

I currently use a B+ model with the Edimax dongle. Do you have the Edimax as well? Which model of Raspi do you have?

Same here - Tenda W311U+ dongle. Works flawlessly in Raspbian, no luck with MusicBox after reboot.

I still see the same problem on 0.5.1 version. I downgraded to 0.5.0 and it works. I tested this on Model B and B+. Even i have Edimax which works absolutely fine on 0.5.0.

Also facing the same issue with Wi-Fi. Is there a place I can download older releases?

@siawyoung, you can try this workaround for the Wi-Fi on first boot issue:

Or you can obtain the 0.5.0 release @ pimusicbox.com/musicbox0.5.zip
Keep in mind, many of the more exciting features such as Spotify playback are not as stable in older versions.

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Hi @toolboc, I can verify that your workaround works. Tried rebooting several times - still works. Will stick with this till a fix addresses this issue.


with 0.5.2 the wifi network seems to be fixed but after boot i can not open the web page and not use mpd. I can ssh. has any one seen this issue ?

When logged in via ssh try and see if the Mopidy process is running.

Hey @red - it seems this problem has been fixed with the latest update. I’m not exactly sure what dongle I have - its a very much made in chine no name brand. I will try to get it working under the new changes and keep you posted…

Thanks for the pointer @kingosticks. I saw mopidy services was failing to run. I have a USB soundcard (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002FI7GWK/ref=pe_385721_51767431_TE_dp_1). I had enabled “Hardware Mixer - For some USB audiocards (DACs), you can enable hardware mixing of the volume.” This had worked earlier (0.5.0) but with latest 0.5.2 it seems to be a problem. Disabling Hardware Mixer is working.

Mopidy service start Error with Hardware Mixer enabled on 0.5.2

2014-12-23 12:26:18,852 - INFO Starting Mopidy 0.19.4
2014-12-23 12:26:20,833 - INFO Loading config from: builtin defaults, /etc/mopidy/extensions.d/spotify.conf, /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf, command line options
2014-12-23 12:26:22,369 - INFO Enabled extensions: spotify, mpd, http, stream, spotify_tunigo, podcast-gpodder, local-sqlite, youtube, podcast-itunes, http-kuechenradio, simple-webclient, softwaremixer, local-whoosh, dirble, moped, musicbox_webclient, websettings, podcast, local, tunein
2014-12-23 12:26:22,372 - INFO Disabled extensions: alsamixer, gmusic, scrobbler, subsonic, somafm, internetarchive, audioaddict, soundcloud
2014-12-23 12:26:22,375 - WARNING Found alsamixer configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled:
2014-12-23 12:26:22,378 - WARNING alsamixer/control must be set.
2014-12-23 12:26:22,381 - WARNING alsamixer/card must be set.
2014-12-23 12:26:22,383 - WARNING Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extensions to silence these messages.
2014-12-23 12:26:39,737 - ERROR Did not find unique mixer “autoaudiomixer”. Alternatives are: software