Raspberry Pi and MusicBox intermittent connection dropping

Greetings forum

Apologies if this issue has been raised and solved before.

I am running MusicBox 0.6 on RPi 2 headless setup running Spotify.
I am using both the MusicBox web client and the MPDroid app on an android tablet to connect to MusicBox to a static IP via wifi adapter.

The problem I am facing is that the connections starts, songs can be selected, music plays beautifully. All good, smiles all round.
But within a minute or so the connection drops intermittently making for a very flakey service.

The error messages I get areL

“Connection to MPD-Server failed” on the MPdroid app.

The MusicBox connection attempts to reconnect and sometimes does manage to reconnect after some time but sometimes drops altogether.

This could be a wireless connection issue. But not sure what it is.

I would like to have a look at the error logs but I have come a little late to the raspberry pi party, so please excuse my noobiness.


Mopidy logs are in /var/log/mopidy/mopidy.log.

Do you get connection problems with both MPDroid and the webclient or just
MPDroid? In the past I’ve seen problems with large search results taking
too long and MPDroid timesout, is it related to any searches you do? If you
could rule out a wireless issue by using a wired connection that would be a
good place to start.

Also, when MPDroid fails to reconnect, are you able to connect with the webclient? What do you need to do in order to get MPDroid working again?

Thanks for the log address.

There is a lot of stuff on the log, but following is logged as a warning:

Found musicbox_webclient configuration errors, the extension has been automatically disabled musicbox_webclient/musicbox unknown config key.

Please fix the extension configuration errors or disable the extension to silence these messages.

Inspection of settings.ini file show these config values:

enabled = true
musicbox = true

When the connection is lost there is no explicit error message. I have some Web Sockets errors but these are not necessarily what causes the drop in connection.

As for when MPDroid drops the connection, the message is:

Connection to MPD-Server failed! Check if the Server is running and reachable (Connection Lost)

At the same time the web interface has also disconnected and shows the message:

Trying to reach MusicBox. Please wait…

I then have to restart the client, web and app. Occasionally both clients can reconnect if left alone.

I have tried connecting the Pi to the router with the ethernet and moving it to the same room as the router.

In both cases the connection is stable and both MPDroid and the Web interface are responsive and nippy.

So it looks it is the wifi adapter I have that is the problem here. Or maybe it is the micro USB/wifi adapter combo which I have seen cited as a problem.

Any suggestions on a good wifi adapter for RPi?