Wifi loses connection when paused or switched source


I’m running Pi musicbox 0.5.4 on My raspberry Pi B model. I attached a small netgear wifi dongle. Connection goes like a charm, also through SSH. When I keep playing a stream it stays connected, but when I pause or want to switch sources, i can’t reach the web interface on any device.
Sometimes SSH is still reachable, sometimes not. All I can do then is unplug my power and put it back in. Usually it comes back online.

Any tips?

many times the power supply units that people use with pi’s are not sufficient to keep the voltage constant and this may then cause usb-devices (wifi) to drop out. which unit are you using?

I use one that I used to use for my phone.


If you read up on the issue on say the rpi forums, you will notice that such psu’s - designed for charging batteries - are often subpar. You should check if yours is.

You might be unlucky with your combination of wifi adapter and power
supply. I’ve never had any problems with the phone chargers I’ve used.
Maybe you could try a wired connection and possibly a different wifi