Where is mopidy-podcast configuration

Hello. I can’t seem to find where the configuration file for mopidy-podcast is.

I checked /.mopidy and it wasn’t there. So I tried making a conf file based of the default one there called podcasts. So it matched the docs looking like /.mopidy/podcast but it didn’t see the file.

Where do I need to place this file and what do I have to name it for mopidy-podcast to see it?


This depends on whether you are running Mopidy as a service or as a normal user, but usually the podcast directory will be located in the same directory as your mopidy.conf.

When running as a normal user, this is usually ~/.config/mopidy/podcast, with ~ being your home directory. When starting Mopidy with Mopidy-Podcast v2.0.0 installed, this directory should be created automatically.

When running as a service, you may want to run

sudo mopidyctl config

and check what config_dir is set to. Depending on file system permissions, you may need to create a podcast directory under this path manually when installing using pip. You may also check the log file for errors when trying to create the config directory.

This is for Mopidy-Podcast v2.0, of course. If you’re using an older version, there is no separate config file.

What do I name the config file?

And am I correct in assuming it is located in /.config/mopidy/podcast