W-lan not working?

I have a WL-USB Edimax EW-7811Un that worked well with Logitech Media Server. However with Pi Musicbox it does not seem to work?
I have entered the WiFI credentials as Wifi name = name of the network and password = wpa-network key.
But Musicbox is only detected when Lan is plugged in.

Try checking dmesg right after pluging the device in. Should give you some hints, but likely it’s just a missing driver.

You mean I power up the RPI with a screen and a keyboard connected and then I type ‘dmsg’? Thanks…


this driver

Thanks but the link seems to point me to a multitude of download possibilities. How do I find the suitable one? Also: how can I install a driver on a RPI?

Thanks. It does find the Realtek 802.11nvWLAN Adapter but i can’t really determine if the dongle is set up or if it is just found. It is quite a list I get.

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the page that I linked answers those questions.

“This page describes how to enable support for WiFi devices based on Realtek 802.11n chips on Debian systems.”

but you need to read it.