Using ngrok to expose MusicBox webpage?

Does anyone know how I can expose the Pi MusicBox page via ngrok? I tried using the following command but I get the following error: Failed to complete tunnel connection.

Command used: ./ngrok http musicbox.local:80

Any pointers? Does the service utilize port 80?

port 80 is redirected to port 6680 via iptables

So I tried using 6680 after inspecting network traffic but it appears as though Spotify search does not work when this is done. Are there multiple ports in use?

Hey @kingosticks - I noticed that someone else tried to figure this out with and had some success. Any chance you can advise on getting this to work with ngrok?

I’m using ngrok http 6880 and ngrok displays:

Forwarding           -> localhost:6880                     

But when I visit I get Failed to complete tunnel connection. Any advice?

Edit: Further clarification - if I host an ngrok from my machine (on the same network) by providing ngrok http (the IP of the RPi), it works just fine. But when I run ngrok http 80 on the RPi itself, it doesn’t work. Any ideas why that might be the case?

I don’t have any advice for using ngrok specifically but you would want to be using port 6680.