No connection to MusicBox

Hi there
I have just installed piMusicBox v. 0.7 on my rp3. Configured my network in settings.ini and booted the pi. I have also enabled ssh in the settings file.

Everythings seems to work out fine, the boot ends with writing the devices ip adress and how to connect to it via http.

It is not possible though to acces the webserver neither via the server name or the ip adress. Any browser says, that the page cannot be reached. It is the case for my desktop computer connected via wire to the network as well as my laptop and my Andriod phone connected via wifi.

ssh is not possible either - its gets timed out.

I can see the device and its ip adress appearing on my wifi router which is the same adress as the MusicBox reports. I can confirm he same adress by logging into the system with a keyboard as root and doing a ‘hostname -I’.

I have checked the firewall for possible blocking of browser, but cannot see any limitations there.

My Pi MusicBox seems to be running ok, but I cannot access it in any way from my network, so it is useless. Have I missed something to do in order to make the webservice run on the Pi or what else might be the problem?

I would very much appreciate any ideas to get this problem solved.

Kind regards Peter

Hi again

I have made some progress. First I connected the Pi to the router with a cable and managed to connect to it from the wired computer, but not wifi connected devices. I was also able to ssh from the wired computer. After removing the network cable and rebooting, I could also connect via the wired pc.but not others. The connection was unstable though. This was last night.

To day I can acces PiMusicBox from all devices including the phone! I can play radiostations and local music, and I can browse my Spotify music but not play it. That is another problem which I will work on.

This case can be closed.
Sorry,but I really dont understand what the problem was. Maybe a problem with the router?


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