Using motion with Pi Musicbox

Hello I have been using my Pi with Musicbox and I love it. Recently I had a break in to my home and until I can afford a proper security system I’d like to use my Pi with Motion (Motion would run as a daemon behind Musicbox) I have it installed I just cant get the webinterface to work.

My question is: Is there some way I can get musicbox to keep responding to musicbox.local and Motion to respond to http://ipaddress:8080 does musicbox interfere with or prevent any other connections other than port 80?

The musicbox firewall closes all ports except those specified in /etc/firewall/musicbox_iptables so you’ll need to add 8080 (or whatever) in there.

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Thanks! That file is empty for me, whats the formatting?

Hmm, sorry about that. if you consult the iptables manual you should be
able to list the current rules and see if it is indeed the issue. I can’t
think of any other reason 8080 wouldn’t be available.