Controlling musicbox from another Pi

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone has any experience with controlling musicbox, set on one Pi, via the browser on another Pi.
I want to get rid of my PC and for the circumstances in which I’d like to use musicbox, a phone isn’t the best solution. So I had the idea of having one Pi which runs musicbox and one Pi, connected to a monitor and mouse+keyboard, which I would use to go to the online GUI of musicbox.
As I’ve heard there sometimes are some issues with browsers that don’t support musicbox, and a Pi only supports browsers like chromium, are these compatible, or if not, do you guys have another way to make this happen?

AFAIK the only “modern” requirement of the Pi Musicbox webclient is WebSockets support so it can communicate with Mopidy. This is generally not an issue, unless you’re on an old Android version or IE9 and older.

Chromium should work perfectly. For details on what browsers support WebSockets see

The raspberry pi optimised version of epiphany (included in raspbian
images, I think) should be worth a try. Last time I tried, which was ages
ago, most others had very laggy scrolling.